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Skincare Tips For The Summer

Did you know that you can still enjoy spending time in the sun while maintaining your youthful, glowing skin? Or better yet, did you know that summer can be the perfect time to give your skin a makeover?

Regardless, to see some positive results in your sun-kissed (but protected) skin this summer, you should know how best to take care of your skin with the latest treatments and time-tested trends. Our Skincare Specialists recommend making the following adjustments throughout the summer to minimize skin breakouts and sun damage.

Wear Sunscreen

If you’ve heard this before, we get it; the advice to wear sunscreen gets old pretty quick. However, it’s so important that we keep mentioning it. Whenever spending time outside, apply sunscreen to your body, especially the uncovered parts.

According to studies, in addition to increasing the risk of skin cancer, exposure to UV rays from the sun causes your skin to age faster. Some early signs that your skin is starting to age due to sun exposure are fine lines, discoloration, and wrinkles. Don’t forget to apply sun lotion on your ears, hands, chest, and legs – anywhere your skin is exposed, even on cloudy days.

Go Lighter on Makeup and Moisturizer

Just as you do with your clothes during summer, the same goes for your skincare products and makeup. Experts recommend using quality lightweight skin care products to keep your skin hydrated whilst allowing it to breathe. Switching from thick moisturizers to light hyaluronic acid-based ones or a lightweight combination moisturizer containing SPF will help keep your skin moisturized and protected throughout the day. Just remember that going light doesn’t mean that you can stop moisturizing entirely.

Wash Your Face and Exfoliate Regularly

Washing your face regularly to remove the excess oil is vital, especially for people with oily skin. When you don’t wash and exfoliate regularly, you risk clogging your skin pores leading to acne and other skin problems. Consider using non-comedogenic, mild, pH-balanced, and alcohol-free cleansers to get rid of acne-producing bacteria without causing irritation. Speak with your provider to find out what product would be best for your skin needs.

Drink Plenty of Water and Eat Lots of Fruits/Vegetables

When the temperatures are high, you sweat more, leading to increased water loss through the skin. And even though this process attempts to regulate the ratio of water to salt, you typically have to increase your water intake to help keep your skin hydrated.

To that end, vegetables and fruits supply your body with both the needed nutrients and vitamins necessary for keeping your skin healthy and glowing, while providing a sweet or savory way to continue to intake water.

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