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Signature treatment

What is SkinSmooth?

SkinSmooth is a SkinCeuticals SkinLab signature treatment made to refresh your skin for a clear, smooth complexion you can feel confident with. It combines an LED micropeel with our Phyto treatment, which contains hydrating botanicals for supple skin. The SkinCeuticals micropeel contains 20% glycolic acid and eliminated a buildup of dead skin cells and debris for a more even complexion. When combined with LED light and our Phyto treatment, you have a match made in heaven! 

SkinSmooth can target the following skin concerns: 

  • Fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Large pores. 
  • Dull Skin. 
  • Hyperpigmentation.  

SkinSmooth Must-Have Regimen

Product Description
Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight A night cream made with 10% glycolic acid to
improve the appearance of skin tone and texture.
C E Ferulic A vitamin C serum that provides environmental protection, lightens lines, firms skin and brightens your complexion.
Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 A tinted, physical sunscreen that provides broad-spectrum protection.

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Complimentary Skincare Diagnostic

Our team of experts will start with a comprehensive consultation using our exclusive SkinScope LED™ technology. We will build the perfect treatment plan to satisfy your skin’s needs.

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SkinSmooth Candidates

Healthy adults who would like to improve the look and feel of their skin can often benefit from this treatment option. However, you may not be a good candidate if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a history of keloid scarring, or have used the acne medication isotretinoin in the past six months. Please contact our Grand Rapids, MI office today to schedule a consultation appointment.  

SkinSmooth Results

Following the SkinSmooth treatment, there is no downtime, which means you can feel free to resume your regular activities as soon as you wish. Because the micropeel is a light peel, there is no flaking involved. Be sure to apply sunscreen when spending time outdoors, and avoid the use of retinoids, glycolic acids, and skin scrubs for at least three days following your treatment.  

Meet Our Team of skin experts

Meet Our Team
Courtney Nester

Licensed Cosmetologist, Skincare Specialist

Bryan Brooks, MSN, RN, FNP-C

Injection and Skincare Specialist

Jeana Elhart

Laser, Skincare Specialist

Jeanne Eyde, DO

Medical Director, Board Certified ENT-FPS

Joelle Hampton

Licensed Aesthetician

Liz Wilholt

Laser, Skincare Specialist

Nicole Devos, RN

Injection and Laser Specialist

SkinSmooth Pricing

The pricing for SkinSmooth treatments is as follows: 

  • SkinSmooth treatment: $150 
  • SkinSmooth + Dermaplane $200 
  • SkinSmooth Package: $450 

Contact Our Office

For smooth, radiant skin, contact our Grand Rapids, MI office today to learn more about the SkinCeuticals SkinSmooth treatment. Your first step will be to schedule a consultation appointment to begin. 


“I love this place and the workers! Everyone is so friendly and professional! I love walking out and feeling good in my skin again!!”

- Ashley B.

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