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How to Prepare for a Facial

A facial treatment can be an exquisite, non-invasive way to rejuvenate skin and overall wellbeing. A facial is designed to cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and hydrate the skin by replenishing vitamins and minerals that stimulate collagen production, improve circulation, and restore skin to a healthy glow.

Despite the many beauty perks of facial treatments, most people don’t know how to prepare for them. This post will explore a few tips that would be useful for any cosmetic treatment.

Should I Wash my Face Before a Facial?

You will derive great results from your facial when your face is properly cleansed and hydrated. If you have not been washing your face regularly, you should ensure that your skin feels clean and fresh for a facial treatment. Always wash your face in lukewarm water and use a facial cleansing cloth to help keep your face free of irritants that cause inflammation and breakouts. After a good wash, follow up with your regular skincare routine so your esthetician will know what your face usually looks like. This will help them know how best to treat your skin for your unique skin type and skin concerns.

Do I Shower Before or After a Facial?

You can do both! Showering before your facial will create a blank canvas for your esthetician to apply products. Additionally, rinsing your body with warm water helps relax the muscles, creating an even better experience. If you are taking a bath, essential oils can be added to the water to lift your mood and provide a more relaxing experience.

Do You Wear Makeup to a Facial?

Makeup clogs the pores and irritates the skin so you should not wear any makeup when going in for a facial. In addition to clogging up pores, the esthetician will not be able to see and work on blemishes if you decide to wear makeup.

Can You Wear Makeup After a Facial?

After your facial treatment, you should let your skin breathe for a few hours before putting on makeup. Give your skin time to absorb the nutrients provided by the facial treatment and heal from any abrasive measures that were used if you had a chemical peel.

What Should I Not Do After a Facial?

Sun exposure is one of the main reasons for aging and wrinkling. Do not expose your face to direct sunlight after a facial treatment; sunbathing and tanning will damage the skin and your newly restored collagen production. If you do go outside, wear protective clothing and regularly apply sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30.

You should also wait a few hours to work out. Sweating dehydrates the body and works against the hydrating qualities of a facial. After a facial, you want to give your skin time to breathe and absorb the products that have been applied. When you do work out again, make sure to rehydrate with plenty of water to keep your skin moisturized.

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