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Jeana Elhart

Laser, Skincare Specialist

Jeana graduated from Ferris State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. From there she pursued a dream to become a professional in medical aesthetics. She completed an apprenticeship with Chris Robb, MD PhD renowned leader in medical lasers for three years. Jeana has worked in dermatology and medical aesthetics for 7 years and absolutely loves it. She is proficient in many laser treatments and is a skincare professional. She has worked with research and development in medical lasers for two different companies and has been involved with developing new technologies in the cosmetic laser market. Her role as a cosmetic laser provider allows her to use her aesthetic experience as well as her Business degree and she could not be happier. She constantly educates herself and attends advanced laser educational courses throughout the United States. Her primary interest is in the new burgeoning science of lasers slowing and reversing aging and how treatment with visible light can cause our skin to act 30 years younger at the genetic level.

Contact Jeana: jeanae@grandpearlspa.com


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